Hope Out of Patience

Hope Out of Patience

By Marcelle Mansour OAM

Sydney – Australia 17 August 2018


Have you ever seen the beautiful splendor

Of the dignified Palestine Land?

Have you ever wonder why?

Historical Palestine vanishes from the world map?

O dear Palestine, ancient Palestine!

Will never be wiped off the map.

Have you ever experienced the empathy from home expel?

Or hung around your neck

A precious ancient key belongs to your stolen home?


Have you ever felt the bravery,

In those daring charming eyes?

Or sewed the unique cross-stitch

Of the iconic Palestinian embroidered dress?

Or touched the Cactus of Palestinians’ hearts?

Walking on just a ripple of burning hope …

To find a way to live and cope …

Patience becomes the way of life …

The symbol of Palestinians’ strife …

Longing for justice and liberation

Throughout the painful decades of Israeli occupation

Seventy years of the raven Nakba!

Fifty-one years of the dark Naksa!

And twenty-five years of impotent peace talk!

Left Palestinians with nowhere to walk …

Seven harsh decades of the Palestinian cause

Of preserving self-humanity…

And keeping dignity …

In limitless means …

Constantly echoing, ringing, and whispering in the ears …


Palestinians’ Right of Return is a global role

Concerns on the matter of international laws

Should never make the issue closed

Hoping to make the conflict resolved

A two-state solution will definitely work!


For the sake of world’s magnificent love

The hope of peace will rekindle soon from above

Palestine will hug the joyful lyrics of divine Dove.