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2014: Marcelle Mansour, Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Thesis of Research Paper and Creative Artwork, Sydney University. Published online 2014, link:

Marcelle Mansour Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Thesis of Research Paper and Creative Artwork, Sydney University. Published online 2014, link:


1998: Shifting Waves book

1998 Marcelle Mansour Shifting Waves book  ISBN 0 646 35929 0. Please click on the image below to read the book.

scan001001 shifting waves book cover one - Copy


1997: Greeting Cards:

These feature the reproductions of the original Community artworks of Images of Wisdom © Marcelle Mansour 1997 Images of Wisdom Art Exhibition was hosted by the Australian Museum in Sydney and supported by the CCDU Australia Council for the Arts and published by the Australian Palestinian Club.

Jerusalem In Search Of Peace has poetry inside it, and the other greeting cards have sayings on them.

Marcelle Mansour's Greeting Cards. Reproduction of Images of Wisdom Art Exhibition at the Australian Museum. Published by the Australian Palestinian Club



Journalistic, literary, creative, intellectual and critical articles published in prints and online in both English and Arabic. It can be clicked on the blog to read  English and Arabic Articles.


2011: CD: Palestinians Sixth Annual Ceremony for Graduates in Australia

الحفل السنوي السادس للخريجين الفلسطينيين في استراليا


Palestinians Sixth Annual Ceremony for Graduates in Australia. Marcelle Mansour’s artwork The Voice of Liberation is published on the CD cover

Palestinians Sixth Annual Ceremony for Graduates in Australia.

On the CD cover publication; Marcelle Mansour © 1998. The Voice of Liberation, Acrylic on Canvas, Painting with Eksphrasis Poetry


2006: Marcelle Mansour, Calendar,  The Voice Of Liberation

Calendar of 2006, Published by Palestine Information Office, General Union Palestinian Workers and Palestine Red Crescent Society, features the artwork of the Voice of Liberation by Marcelle Mansour © 1998

Marcelle Mansour © 1998 The Voice of Liberation Published 2006 by the Australian Palestinian Community


1994: RTA,  Calendar Street Sense, Marcelle Mansour © 1994

RTA Calendar Street Sense, commissioned and published by Roads Transport Authority, Road Safety Calendar Artwork.The International Year of Family,  Marcelle Mansour © 1994

Marcelle Mansour © 1994, Street Sense , Calendar design, RTA, The International Year of Family



Poems, published in prints and online websites. Exphrasis poetry, published in Shifting Waves book. Please click on Poetry page under Gallery to read Exphrasis poetry and General poetry. Click on link   and


1996/1997: Palestine, Past, Present & Future; Through the Australian Palestinian Eyes: Published in Thesis Sydney University

Community Art Exhibition  was  published  in The Migration and Settlement of Palestinians, Dissertation by Jeremy Cox at the University of Sydney, with some pictures of  the Australian Palestinian Community people in 1996-7


Migration and Settlement of Palestinians in Sydney by Geremy Cox. Book Cover by Marcelle Mansour © Oct 1996

Past, Present & Future© Marcelle MansourDissertaion


1989, The Struggle of Women in Australia, Marcelle Mansour © 1989

1989, Aug 10: “AN-Nahar “ newspaper began on the tenth of August 1989 publishing  a weekly series of Marcelle Mansour’s study and research on the topic of “The Struggle of Women in Australia”, which won the second place in “An-Nahar” Literary Competition Award for the best research related to Australia In the 1988 Australian Bicentenary.

: جاء في صحيفة ” النهار” ما يلي

 تبدأ النهار هذا الأسبوع ، في العاشر من أغسطس 1989 بنشر دراسة مارسيل منصور عن نضال المرأة في أستراليا التي فازت بالمرتبة الثانية في جائزة “النهار” الأدبية لأفضل بحث يتعلق باستراليا: