Ekphrasis Poetry





 Hope Out of Patience


Have you ever seen the beautiful splendor

Of the dignified Palestine Land?

Have you ever wonder why?

Historical Palestine vanishes from the world map?

O dear Palestine, ancient Palestine!

Will never be wiped off the map.

Have you ever experienced the empathy from home expel?

Or hung around your neck

A precious ancient key belongs to your stolen home?

Have you ever felt the bravery,

In those daring charming eyes?

Or sewed the unique cross-stitch

Of the iconic Palestinian embroidered dress?

Or touched the Cactus of Palestinians’ hearts?

Walking on just a ripple of burning hope …

To find a way to live and cope …

Patience becomes the way of life …

The symbol of Palestinians’ strife …

Longing for justice and liberation

Throughout the painful decades of Israeli occupation

Seventy years of the raven Nakba!

Fifty-one years of the dark Naksa!

And twenty-five years of impotent peace talk!

Left Palestinians with nowhere to walk …

Seven harsh decades of the Palestinian cause

Of preserving self-humanity…

And keeping dignity …

In limitless means …

Constantly echoing, ringing, and whispering in the ears …

Palestinians’ Right of Return is a global role

Concerns on the matter of international laws

Should never make the issue closed

Hoping to make the conflict resolved

A two-state solution will definitely work!

For the sake of world’s magnificent love

The hope of peace will rekindle soon from above

Palestine will hug the joyful lyrics of divine Dove.

Marcelle Mansour OAM

Sydney – Australia 17 August 2018



Spiritual Dialogue with Light

Reading my poem of “Spiritual Dialogue with Light” that describes my artworks of “Threshold” light art exhibition, at the Artist’s talk, conducted at Mary MacKillop Museum on 25th February 2015. And on the day of opening Threshold Solo Art Exhibition on 10th December 2014. Please click on the link hear of Al-ghorba to read the poem http://al-ghorba6.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/marcelle-mansours-poem-at-opening-of.html


 Marcelle Mansour’s Poem at the Opening of Threshold Art Exhibition

Spiritual Dialogue with Light


Spiritual Dialogue with Light by Marcelle Mansour Sydney 10 December 2014

 Ekphrasis Poetry Reading, at Threshold Art Exhibition Opening at Mary MacKillop Place Museum, North Sydney

In the midst of surrounding Light

I contemplate and heartily meditate

In the depth of my inner feelings

 I heard whispers of Light

Cover the face of the night

With translucent gauze

Embracing the invisible mystery in the waves of oceans

Opened the Windows of Heaven to the eye of the mind

Who is it? I asked

It must be Sacred Light

That cleared my sight

Here … the Light wondered and asked:

Who are you, my sweetheart?

I answered: I am the Spirit of the Australian Arabian tale

The Light asked me again

Where did you come from my precious pearl?

My senses trembled, shook off the nightmare

And said:

“I came from the occupied Palestinian land of so much pain

Out of the flashing thunder and rain

Out of ancient biblical Gaza

Where transparent gauze is fine

Out of the darkness of 48’ Nakba and Diaspora world

I am the Remnant of successive wars

The victim of permanent wounds.”

Do you hear me Light?

I spend my life searching for love and peace

Looking for healing

The world that suffers

Under malicious materialistic evil power

This is my carved injury showing the world

The depth of the still incurable wound

My pain is so huge to endure

I am tired …  exhausted

From the burden of genocide ugly war

I am ashamed of seeing the bloody pool

Of the tortured innocent newly born

I can see you Light  … I feel you Noor min Noor “نورٌ من نور”

“Light of Light”

I humbly greet you

I kneel on my knees before the Holy Presence

To open the eyes of blind

To work on people’s mind

To reveal the secrets of hidden truth

To cure the infectious world

I beg you Light

to heal our crying wombs

To save our lives from daily news

Of continuous shocking terror and horror.

The wonder miraculous Light


“Here I am my dear

Hold my gentle hands with no fear

I carry you on my merciful wings

Under the lashes in the jewels of my eyes.”

I said to the Light with no fear

Come …come into my heart

Wrap me with Gaza gauze

Burn my soul like a gold

With fire in the furnace of Arab’s alchemy

Sanctify my forehead with Jerusalem’s olive oil

Purify my lungs with crystal transparency

Transfigure my sensual body into a new realm

Transform the core of my heart

Into brand new mankind

Let me look into your Eternal Presence

And whisper in silence into your ears

With every throb of a heartbeat

Teach me how to humanly feel

To love all, just like Mary MacKillop, first Australian Saint

How to rethink mistakes

To forgive and forget wrongs and sins.


The Mystical Light

Becomes so bright

As white as the angle robe

And pat me with a gentle touch on my shoulder

Bestowed me with a woven golden beams

The Light heard me …whispered back into my ears:

Come …come with me my dear

Come with no worries or fear

To transform ourselves into a new creation

A new existence … A joyful universe

Experience the rebirth!

To become instruments for change

Come to change ourselves… to inspire to respect the other

Come ….To take the world together

To live dual life forever

Where churches bells cuddle

 Mosques, temples, and every spiritual cradle

On our lucky land beautiful Australia

Where Earth meats Heaven

At the vanishing point of the horizon

Light’s reflection … conception … perception … Perfection

Come to me … come with me

Hold my hands very tight

Look into the colors of moving Light

International solidarity start

Humanly unite

Drawing … painting… world’s peace with the colors of rainbow Light

Perceiving the Visible in the Invisible

Feeling the Unseen by Heart

Unifying with Immortal

And become eternal

© Marcelle Mansour 10 December 2014 -Sydney – Australia. 


 Marcelle’s Short Poem in her Arabic Native Language:


تعالوا معاً

 مارسيل منصور

سيدني – استراليا 2014


 تعالوا نتحول … ونحول

تعالوا نتغير … ونغير

تعالوا نستلهم من شعاع النور السرمدي

نتأمل في عمق خفايا الأسرار المجيدة

نعيد التفكير في الماضي والحاضر

لنكشف عن رؤية جديدة

بمنظار ناصع حديث معاصر

تعالوا …. معا

نعانق جداول المحبة

نوجد إنسانية حميمة

ونعلن ميلاد الحرية و السلام


© Marcelle Mansour 10 December 2014 -Sydney – Australia. 




Embrace Martin Place

 By Marcelle Mansour

20 December 2014

 Our Heartfelt Prayers Sent To Beloved Martin Place

To Rejuvenate Life

To Heal The Trauma of Siege And The Wounds Of Horrific Crime

With Colourful Changing Light

To Radiate And Transform The Darkness Of The Night

With Joy, Love, And Peace We Embrace                     

With Majestic Light To Fill Sydney CBD Vast Face

With Every Flower Laid Out On Martin Place

A Beam Of Wonder Light Will Brighten The Space

© Marcelle Mansour 20 December 2014Sydney-Australia. www.marcellemansour.com.au

Please click on the  link to read the poem





This is my tribute to the amazing artist George Gittoes that was presented and read at the event of “An Afternoon with George Gittoes”, which was held at the CPACS Centre at the University of Sydney on On Thursday 12th November 2015


Cry Out for

Peace and Freedom for Palestine

By Marcelle Mansour, Thursday 12 November 2015

George Gittoes at An afternoon with at the the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, 12 Nov 2015

These unforgettable glorious words

Are so precious and worthy to be voiced

To be heard by all the leaders of the world

What the Australian Artist George Gittoes wrote

When he signed his book for me with his heart of gold

“George Gittoes I Witness “

The extraordinary Artist of Peace and Anti-War

Who documented the history and revealed the truth

Wishing Peace and Freedom for Palestine and All

 Marcelle Mansour Thursday 12 November 2015


 Thank You, God

By Marcelle Mansour.30 Nov 2015

© Marcelle Mansour, Thank You God for the Light of Hope, 30 Nov 2015

In the realm of the revered survival

That flooded the heart of infinity spiral

It was that day in my kitchen

When the heat melted the ice like fiction

On Wednesday, November eighteen

Two thousand and fifteen

At five sharp, before the sun went down

While preparing the evening meal began

The NutriBullet blender suddenly swayed  

The rubber ring seal came off the blade

Fall out of place and flew in the air

The smoothed spilled, sprayed on tiles spread everywhere

A puddle of silky banana-berry covered the floor

All of a sudden caused me a slipping fall

With steel kettle in my hand tore my forehead

My Injury shockingly horrid

My first memory is a cut with blood splashes on the tiles

My body turned into screaming piles

Muscular burses in both knees and shoulder

A sore arm and a swollen finger

Oh boy, all that I recall?

The ride in the ambulance

The accidence of short walking distance

Hospital, nurses, doctors, how glorious being conscience

Feeling the stitches like dissolving pain

Surviving the fall is a wonderful gain

Saving my soul regain proclaim

Grateful to God sustaining my brain

No missing limb no fracture no ugly burn

Protecting the realm of existing domain

To gracefully ever remain

Of reality aware, remembering the accident with no one to blame

For I believe, I receive, in blessing Jesus Name

Reflect on family and friends with immaculate loved flame

To heal my wound with your touch of holy fire to empower

When the sound of music awaken the songs of guardian angel choir

Rebuke the world of evil satire

For eternal promise will never retire

And the Holy Spirit forever inspire

Championship arena shire

What did Samson in his miraculous birth acquire?

A piece of modest gauze on my frontalis more precious than sapphire

Thank you, Lord, for granting me power

To embrace Metamorphosis for a new beginning of rising birth

Making peace on earth with joyful mirth

Stepping forward and walking miles

For a new life and keeping smiles

Thank you to Father in Heaven I declare

That love and hope defeat despair

Thank you to the infallible Presence of the Greatest Care

Filing the human spirit with the world’s joy to share

Marcelle Mansour 30 Nov 2015

Reading My Poetry at the Writers Centre, Rozelle, 1998


Marcelle Mansour reading her own poetry at the Wrter Centre, Rozelle,1998


Jerusalem In Search of Peace