Marcelle Mansour’s Portraits of “TREASURE FOREVER” Solo Art Exhibition in 2016

Portraits of “Treasure Forever” Solo Art Exhibition by Marcelle Mansour,

launched, 7th of December 2016, at Artspace, The Concourse, Chatswood 


Marcelle Mansour’s Portraits

Portrait of Cynthia Farah, Miss Lebanon Australia Beauty Pageant 2014. Painting. © Marcelle Mansour 2015

Portrait of His Excellency Abdul Aziz Bin Mohammed Al-Rawas. Painting © Marcelle Mansour 2014

Portrait of the Late Mr Peter Indari (1938-2012). Painting.© Marcelle Mansour 2013  



Marcelle Mansour’s Portraits of “SHIFTING WAVES” Solo Art Exibition.

The following are Selected Portraits from:  Marcelle Mansour, Shifting Waves, Art Exhibition and book © 1998. Touring exhibition & book, launched at the Parliament House of NSW that coincided with the Olympic year 2000. The Art Project was supported by the Marketing Scheme and Pat Corrigan Grant, provided by the National Association for the Arts (NAVA) with financial assisstance from the New South Wales Government Ministry for the Arts and the Australia Council.  This Art Exhibition was displyed at The Fountain Court of the Parliament House of NSW and the Arthus Gallery. Link:  https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/lc/department/Documents/annual%20report%20199899/annrep99A.pdf

(Exhibitions), Page 44 – 45 .